All our customers are completely covered by a warranty for the first two years, against all types of malfunction to the software or hardware except for those resulting from natural disasters or intentional damage. If possible, we will try to fix your machine remotely. If that’s not possible, the unit will be delivered to us. Please note that we only have a window of 72 hours to repair the machine, following which, we will send across a brand new unit to you. Most importantly, we cover all delivery costs for this entire process.

Delivery & Customs

While delivering packages to the doorsteps of our customers, we also take care of customs as well as delivery. As our valued customer, you only need to pay for the unit without worrying about delivery or customs fees. As a token of appreciation for all our customers, we are happy to bear these expenses for them.

Delivery time and Countries

We deliver our products all over the world, with the exception of countries that are in a warzone or have customs closed. We are happy to inform you that our distribution network remains unaffected by the ongoing pandemic situation. Our standard delivery times for the US and EU countries are just five and six working days respectively. The delivery time for Asia and South Africa is seven working days.


As our valued customer, you are also covered by a ‘no questions asked’ 30 days money back refund policy. This refund policy covers all types of reasons and you need not have any specific reason for requesting a refund. You are also insured from day one after your purchase including the delivery of the unit.